Full Steam Ahead!

Full Steam Ahead! by Su Gilstrap


When Su first shared this prophetic word with me, not only was I excited but my spirit was too.  These five words God gave her for Restoration Church contain so much promise and unlimited potential for a fantastic year.  

It is our hope that you read over them, print them out and keep them in front of you. We must prepare our hearts to receive and walk in these powerful prophetic promises.

This year and this upcoming season are going to be an exciting one for Restoration Church and for the Body of Christ.  

Below is the prophetic word that Su Gilstrap released during the Proclamation Service.  

Get Ready!

– Pastor Debbie



I (Su) heard 5 words: 

  • Healing
  • Remember
  • Recompense
  • Rejoice
  • Revealing

Healing– God is tired of His kids walking in sickness and not believing that He desires all to be healed.  He wants His kids, His church to be a healing center. A place where they absolutely know the Father’s heart is to heal and save and to give life! It is only Satan that that kills, steals and destroys. 

Recompense– means to make amends to someone for loss or harm, to repay or to compensate for.  2019 will be a year where God makes up for what Satan has stolen from you and your family!  But you have to lean into this word, expect it, look for it.

Remember– means to be able to bring to one’s mind, an awareness of someone or something the one has seen in the past.  To recall or think about. God wants you to keep his prophecies before you and His Word before you, remember it, be aware of it, meditate on it.

Rejoice– means to feel or show great delight, happiness, pleasure, joy and celebration. The Lord told me that this year would have an overabundance of joy.  Joy unbelievable! God is going to give laughter and joy back to the church. The old sour-faced church is the church of the past! There will be laughter coming out of churches and people will go because of the extreme joy they feel while even walking by a church that is walking in His joy. 

Revealing– the Lord says, “I am coming to show up and show off.  Look for me and you will see me in places I have been but you didn’t see me because you weren’t looking.  God is going to reveal Himself through our gifts, passions and talents. We will discover new gifts He has given us too.  He said He is going to show off through us, His kids and He is going to break off false humility and limiting beliefs. He said his signs and wonders will happen through us, His kids.

He said, “We have to fully walk in His words for us! We have to fully participate with Him. We have to come into agreement with all His word says He is and we are. God says, you can’t go where I’m going with dead weight, limiting beliefs, old traditions, and wrong mindsets, they will need to be pruned off. 



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