In My Savior’s Arms

In My Savior’s Arms by Jill Roleke

I want to crawl into my savior’s lap

Lay my head upon His chest.

I want to listen to HIs heartbeat

As I settle down and rest.

I want to feel His arms around me

Feel His breath upon my face.

I want to close my eyes and savor

His love and His embrace.

I want to have His peace surround me

And wrap myself in love.

I want to dwell right there forever

With the one who reigns above.


God gave Jill this beautiful poem a few short days before she found out her brother had passed away.  It is a beautiful testimony and reminder that God knows exactly what we need before we even need it.

These words not only help to bring healing to Jill’s heart at the loss of her brother, but they should encourage you as well.  During this time of fasting prayer – take time to crawl up in your Savior’s arms, listen to His heartbeat, experience His peace and allow Him to embrace you.

–Pastor Debbie Kitterman

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