Musings on Fall

Colors. Change. Rain.

I love the colors of Fall. The dark green of the fir trees contrasting with the changing colors of the maples, alders, and other deciduous trees. It’s a feast for the eyes. Especially on a sunny day; the sun turning the leaves a brilliant gold or a fiery orange to contrast with the blue of the sky. Spectacular!

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Childlike Trust in God’s Love

My almost 2-year-old granddaughter captured my imagination with her beautiful dependence on her Mama. There was a house full of people and several times she felt a bit overwhelmed, so she just got closer to her Mama. When Mama went into the bathroom, she plastered her face against the door and called Mama? Mama? And when we were praying over her Mama, she planted her face in Mama’s lap, pressing in, in a beautiful picture of serene dependence. Even when eating and taking on foods she couldn’t chew and spitting it out and creating a mess, she knew she was loved and safe and Mama would clean her up and she wouldn’t have to sit in her mess for long.

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