Fasting and Prayer Brings Change

Fasting and Prayer Brings Change by Patty Stoddard

As I sat at my laptop asking our Father what He would like me to say as a word of encouragement to Restoration, He gave me the following to share with you:

  • He does not demand or command you to fast.  It is not a religious formula with a bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and a swipe of a magic wand!  But it is a tool that He has given us that will set you free and bring breakthrough in areas you have hidden, to squash the fear that hinders you from looking at the area, and to send the spirits of unbelief out of your life. It’s our choice!
  • In Acts:13:2, it describes that while they (believers) were serving the Lord in fasting and prayer, the Holy Spirit said……… during fasting we are open to hearing Him more clearly and seeing Him with new vision!  
  • Fasting and PRAYER (another key) brings change!  Both work together in a miraculous way!

A diet will change the way you look,

Fasting changes the way you see!

                                                                             –Lisa Bevere

My encouragement for you during this season is to make the choice to press in and a desire to uncover the areas that need change!  Sit on His lap in prayer and let Him show you His goodness and love, casting out fear and unbelief! Fast the things that take you away from time with Him!  Ask Him for a face to face encounter that will change your life that will bring about an excitement to move forward in purpose!

Abba, I’m yours!  2019 is a year of testimony!

Preparing A Table For King Jesus

During the worship service the last Sunday of 2017, the Lord began speaking to my heart about trusting Him. The song we were singing had these words:

Praise is the highway to the heart of God,

Praise is the highway to the throne of God,

Praise is the highway to move God.

Did I trust Him in every area of my life? Boy did that get me thinking! And I have to admit; some of the thinking was stinking!

I knew that Pastors John and Debbie were going to bring up the “F” word, FAST.  Oh how I dreaded January every year… I HATED to fast. I spent most of my fasting days thinking about everything I was giving up and saw no good reason to be doing it.  Actually other than losing 7 pounds one time, I saw no perks.

But this Sunday in His presence He broke something in me and I found I was actually excited about this year’s fast.  He told me that 2018 was going to be a year of EXPLOSION!  Exploding areas that I needed breakthrough in and exploding me into all He had designed for my life.  I had never trusted Him to do anything in my life while fasting.

This year, 2018, I’m looking to Him to show me areas in my life where I need to change and then trust Him to help me change them.  It’s that old saying, “If I continue to do the same thing over and over and expect something to change in my life, I’m only fooling myself.”  If you always do what you have always done, then you are going to get what you’ve always got!

In Psalm 69:10 David said, “I have chastened (disciplined) my soul with fasting.”  In Esther, she said she was fasting while preparing a banquet for the King.  I’m fasting and preparing a table (my life) for my King Jesus.

Lisa Bevere said, “A diet changes the way you look, fasting changes the way you see!”  I’m looking forward to this fast because it will renew my mind to the things of God, changing the way I see because I’m going from what has been to what will be and letting God prepare me for what He is getting ready to explode into my life! Are you ready for what He has awaiting you?