Do Something Daring!

 We are half way through 2018 and it’s a great time to stop, pause, and have a Selah moment as we review how things are going in regard to our word for the year.

How is this word playing out in your life right now?

I know some are walking in brand new seasons of life.  Since the beginning of the year, some in our church have been promoted into new positions, some have left old jobs and started brand new ones, and some have even retired.

Right now, take a minute and look back over the past six months … what do you see?  Do you see “NEW” things in any area of your life? I hope you do.

Walking in Newness is all about CHANGE!  Yep, I said it. To some people the word change is a nasty six-letter word they never want to hear.  Although, in order to walk in something new, you have to be willing to change. Change your attitude, change your perspective, change what you are currently doing and do something different (new) and for some of us, change may mean leaving something behind.

Recently, I felt the Lord prompt me to do something new.  When I do my devotions, I usually have a devotional book or three that I read at the same time and look up the Scriptures that dive deeper into what I am reading.  When I reach for my Bible, I tend to reach for the one I am most familiar with, like the NIV version. Now, while there is nothing wrong with that, I was being prompted by God to reread the entire Bible but to use a completely different version.  It’s been a while since I have had a fresh brand-new Bible. I much prefer my old, trusty, faithful and worn version. How about you?

When I am studying or researching I will occasionally look up scripture in different versions but for the most part, I stick to reading from the same Bible. It’s been marked it up, highlighted, and written in the margins over the last number of years.  There’s just something comforting about seeing notes from past sermons and revelations written in the margins. It feels good to look over them when I am reading and come into agreement with them again.

However, I have noticed that with this newfound assignment from God, I am seeing things with new eyes and finding new revelation.  Not that I couldn’t have seen them before, but because I wasn’t. I was so comfortable and familiar with my go to Bible and familiar version that I was missing “fresh new manna.” Yes, I was missing out on fresh new spiritual nourishment God wanted to give me.

When I received and accepted these new marching orders to reread the entire Bible but in a different version, something inside of me was a little excited.  Yet at the same time, I was sad not to have the familiar Bible with the familiar phrasing and words. Still, I decided to embrace this newfound season of “Walking in Newness” and I chose The Voice Bible.  (I would have chosen The Passion Translation, but it is only the New Testament and Psalms).

Something miraculous happened as I began to re-read stories I have read for years.  New revelation and new insight began jumping of the page. I was not jumping over familiar passages and skim reading, but I was beginning to devour every word.  I often found myself reaching for a pen to write in the margin the new thing God was showing me.

One of the things I discovered is in the book of Genesis there is a whole lot of this “Walking in Newness” business going on. This made my heart happy; we are not alone!  There were others before us and there will be others after us whom God will call to walk in newness.  The book of Genesis is all about change. In the first chapter alone, the earth changed every day for the first six days of creation.

However, in Genesis 12:1-4 I saw a whole new perspective on what God might mean in “Walking in Newness.”

One day, the Eternal One called out to Abram.

Eternal One: Abram, get up and go! Leave your country. Leave your relatives and your father’s home, and travel to the land I will show you. Don’t worryI will guide you there. I have plans to make a great people from your descendants. And I am going to put a special blessing on you and cause your reputation to grow so that you will become a blessing and example to others. I will also bless those who bless you and further you in your journey, and I’ll trip up those who try to trip you along the way. Through your descendants, all of the families of the earth will find their blessing in you.  Without any hesitation, Abram went. He did exactly as the Eternal One asked him to do.

Woah, talk about walking in newness.  Talk about having faith and trust!

God speaks to Abram and tells him to leave everything he has ever known…. This is a whole new level of walking in newness.  Not to mention that it requires faith and much trust.

God tells Abram, not to worry, I (God) am not going to tell you where your final destination is just go and as you go I (God) will guide you.

What does Abram do?

Does he throw a fit, cry, argue, and explain that God doesn’t understand?


Scripture says without hesitation, Abram went!

In the notes of The Voice Bible for this little section of Scripture, there was this little jewel:

“To enter into that promise, Abram must do something daring; he must leave everything he knows and put his trust in God.”

At that moment, I understood what God is asking and requiring of me and of us this year to walk in newness.  God has promises He has spoken to each one of us. In order for us to receive or “enter into” that promise, God is asking that we do something daring!  He may ask us to set aside and leave what we know and put our trust in Him alone!

Are there promises God has spoken to you that you are still waiting for?  Maybe this is the time and season to set aside what you know and trust God as He directs your path to walk in the new thing He has for you.

Are you ready for God to ask you to do something daring?

Oh Jesus, I want to be like Abram when I grow up.  I want to be daring for You and with You. God, when You speak to me, I want to respond. I don’t want to be so focused on what I am leaving behind or distracted by what I can’t see or know about what lies ahead, I just want to trust You!

I’m ready, are you?  Let’s all go do something daring for the Kingdom!


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