Hiding From God

Why is it that we think we can hide from God? If you have ever read Psalm 139, you must know hiding from God is impossible. That chapter in the Bible happens to be one of my favorite and yet there are times that I think I can keep Him at arm’s length.

In verse 2 it tells us that He knows when I rise and when I sit down. Sounds a bit like Santa Claus but I assure you that in this case it is true. The latter part of that verse says He understands my thoughts. How do you hide from someone who can read your mind? He knows what I am going to say before I do. Unfortunately, He doesn’t stop me from saying things I shouldn’t.

The chapter goes on to say that He is intimately acquainted with all my ways. He knows me better than I know myself. If I really stop and think about it, I would run to Him instead of pushing Him away. Why would I push Him away, you might ask. It is because I know that He sees all. I am imperfect and do things that I know are wrong and must displease Him.

I guess I figure if I keep Him at arm’s length then I don’t have to deal with my sin. Yes, I’m going to name it what it is. Just like Adam and Eve in the garden I want to hide myself from God. Shame is an awful thing. It keeps us from the only one who can take it away. The amazing thing is that He is still there. In verses 7 through 10 it tells me that no matter where I go He can find me. If I went to the top of the highest mountain or to the bottom of the ocean I cannot escape. He will follow me. He promised us that He would never leave us and He keeps His promises.

My suggestion is to turn around and run to Him. His arms are open. It is all He really wants. He loves us so much and He wants to forgive us anything. We only need ask. God is ready to scoop us up and hold us in the safety and comfort of His lap.

So, what is it that holds us back? Are we afraid to give up something? Is our sin more important than our relationship with God? Does intimacy scare us? Do we think God will stop loving us? The thing is He knows it all anyway and He still loves us. In Romans 8:35-39 we are told that nothing can separate us from God’s love. If we believe the Bible is true then we should believe that as well.

God does not offer us condemnation. As a matter of fact, we are told that the exact opposite is true. Any condemnation comes from our enemy. He is very good at deceiving us. What I don’t understand is why we believe him so often when we have the truth. That is why it is so important for us to know God’s Word. What else do we have to fight with. It is the only weapon at our disposal but then again it is the only one we really need.

God desires to spend time with us. He wants us to desire Him as well. He misses us when we are far away from Him. When I say that, I mean when we try to hide from Him and hold ourselves back from Him; We stop praying and reading the Word. I think sometimes He must feel like we would if our best friend moved away and stopped calling us or texting us. It hurts. He waits for us to come to Him. He has never gone away. You will find Him in the same place if you look for Him.

Seek Him and He will be found. The only way to know God is to spend time with Him. Just to be in His presence. We do not always have to speak, just be there. You may be surprised what you may hear Him say to you. It would be so much better to hear those words than the ones the enemy keeps telling us. Better to believe truth than a lie.

So, stop running and hiding. He will find you anyway. Let Him catch you and see what great things He has for you.

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