How High?

How High? By Linda Heath

Thoughts from the Sermon on Sunday 9/2/18, Restoration Church, David Meyer

Have you ever heard the phrase, “When I say ‘JUMP’, on the way up you ask, ‘How high?'” I’ve never heard the version that has ‘on the way up’ inserted. That changed it a little bit so I didn’t have the full knee-jerk reaction I typically would have had. I have negative associations with this and wasn’t too thrilled to have the sermon start there. But I stopped to ask what God was telling me, or what He wanted to change in me, or what negativity I needed to release and let go. I was even prepared for tears, which usually seem to accompany the healing and letting go process.

But then I felt Him smile and He said, gently, “When I say ‘JUMP’ on your way UP (abiding in ME) ask Me how high you get to go! And I’ll take you higher than you ever dreamed!”

Wow. Loved. No condemnation. He was actually smiling! (Don’t ask me how I know this, I just do!) This really turned the whole idea upside down! The old message was “Do as I say, do it now, don’t question me and be quick about it”; filled with threat and condemnation. “Obedience is your duty! If you don’t obey you are SO in trouble!” Instead, this is an invitation; a beckoning. Obedience, rather than being drudgery, is the open doorway to The Great God Adventure! Come on up! Go higher!

Leave those things behind that hinder you, the sin or disobedience that tries to throw a rope around your ankle and hold you down. Kick it off! Step into the largeness of His love, revel in His peace, and jump in His joy. Find your purpose in His great heart, step into your authority as His child, and experience His life-changing power.

Explore your full inheritance. Expect the unexpected; expect great things from a God who challenges the imagination! Do you want to settle for safe? Settle into the known? Not me. Not any more. I don’t want to settle for anything less than what He’s willing to give me, all that Jesus died to provide. All of it!

Take me higher! I’m not holding back.

Did I hear “Jump”? Here I come, Lord, catch me!

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