Take Heart

Recently I have been thinking over the word “unshakeable”. I have been thinking about this word for weeks! It’s one of those things that you can’t shake (pun intended) because you can’t fully grasp what it means and what it would mean for you if lived it out. It’s like when I think of eternity with Jesus or what I would do with a million dollars or becoming a mother. It could be something different for you- getting your dream job, seeing your dream come true, falling in love. It’s fun to think about but almost impossible to grasp actually being true in your life.

I am a heart person, meaning I feel things before I think about them, and the filter I see everything through is emotional, not logical. I end up feeling like my life is a roller coaster half of the time because one day everything is fine and the next it doesn’t feel like it is. I know this isn’t inherently bad because it’s how God made me, but I also know He intended me to rule over my emotions not for my emotions to rule over me.

Which makes being unshakeable feel that much more impossible. When I hear the word unshakeable, I think of a steady, strong straight line. Not up and down like a roller coaster, something solid. I imagine a life where I am unshakeable. It’s clear that hard things will happen and things will come at me that are horrible and impossible to foresee. I’m not saying that to be unshakeable you are numb to what happens in life, or that you aren’t affected by hard things. I’m saying that an unshakable person is hit with everything the world and the enemy throw at them and remain STEADY. Solid and unshaken. A deep settling of peace that nothing can take.

Can you imagine that type of life? NO. MATTER. WHAT. comes- not being shaken. When death, disease, and disaster come your way you feel the pain, you acknowledge it and you deal with it. Rather than it shaking your identity and world. This would be revolutionary in our lives. Being unshakeable is living with an attitude that’s unwilling to settle for worry and doubt and demanding a life of peace and security. Security that only comes from knowing who God is. A trust in Him that’s so deep nothing can convince you He won’t come through. A knowing that says I know God is who He says He is like I know the sun will rise tomorrow (we live in WA so it’s not likely to really rise but you understand the metaphor). It’s looking the devil straight in the face and saying “No. I KNOW with all that I am that God has me.”

John 16:33b says, “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” It is true that we will have trouble, He promises that this life will be hard. But He leaves us with this charge to Take Heart. Because He has overcome the world. I charge you today to take heart, to learn to trust in Jesus like you never have before, so that you can live an unshakable life. Because no matter what you face- He’s already overcome.


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