A Believing Heart

God tells us He is ready to perform His Word in Jeremiah 1:12.  When will He perform it?  The simple answer is, when we believe.  Jesus fulfilled all The Father had for Him to do on earth and declared on The Cross, “It is finished,”  (John 19:30).  God is ready and Jesus finished the work on earth, so now it is up to us to demonstrate to the world that He is alive in us.  “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,” (Phil 4:13).

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God’s Heart for Me and You

For when the time was right, the Anointed One came and died to demonstrate His love for sinners who were entirely helpless, weak, and powerless to save themselves. Now who of us would dare to die for the sake of a wicked person? We can all understand if someone was willing to die for a truly noble person. But Christ proved God’s passionate love for us by dying in our place while we were still lost and ungodly! And there is still much to more to say of unfailing love for us!

-Romans 5: 6-9 Passion Translation

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