Surprising Love

After all the years I have been a Christian one would think that I wouldn’t be surprised to realize again just how much God really does love me. It is when He does something for me that I know I do not deserve and that I certainly did not earn that the words of Ephesians 3:18 come to mind.

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Get Out of Your Chair

It’s just too hard.  There is no way I’m ever going to get this done.

I hear that a lot. I hear it in my own head especially but I hear it from others too.  It’s that sense of finality… that idea that what lies ahead is just too great for me to handle; that it’s not even worth my effort to fix; it’s just too hard.

You aren’t the only ones who have felt that way.

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At the beginning of the year my church, Restoration Church, does a three week fast.  I participated this year and one thing I heard God saying was, “Deeper. Give me all of your heart. I want you totally devoted to me.  I want to be your first love, your passion.” That is a tough one. I still ponder exactly what He means.

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Good News!

That phrase typically is followed by announcements of some kind. Good News…… job promotion, bought a house, new car, baby on the way, engagement, debt free, college acceptance letter, free coffee in the drive thru, clean bill of health, summer vacation, the list can go on and on. Everyone has their own versions of good news. Good news is cause for excitement, for celebration! I know I get excited over any kind of good news, even if it’s small. But what about THE GOOD NEWS? How do we respond to that? What kind of excitement does that generate?

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