Real Relationship

Real Relationship by Dennis Williams

For quite a few years my wife, Vonda, and I have practiced a 21-day fast in the month of January.  We started fasting from a point of frustration when nothing was really happening in our lives (or so we thought).  

What started us fasting was a national ministry we followed, then when we came to Restoration Church, we found they also did a fast during this time.  It was the best step we could take individually and as couple, and here we are years later! Still practicing the January fast.

Over the years we have seen some big breakthroughs and other years a strengthening of our relationship with Christ.  When I think about a definition of what fasting is, I found the following, “Fasting is both an outward sign of humility and regret for sin, and an inner discipline that clears the mind and keeps the spirit alert.”  It’s a bit too clinical and a little too cerebral for me, but here is my personal take away:

Fasting is a choice I make to focus my time and thoughts on Jesus.  It’s a planned time that I set aside to hear Jesus and have Him speak to me that I know will be different because of the length of time of this yearly fast.  It’s about Jesus but I know I will be changed because of the time I spend with Him.

Relationship is a funny thing.  We need it even if we think we don’t.  It’s also something that takes time and commitment.  We all want to be better at relationships and have it better in our lives.  My love of Jesus has grown because of the fast. You see His love for me is perfect.  It’s my side that needs the work.

As I fast, my love for the Father grows.  My relationship with Jesus becomes more real and the Holy Spirit’s presence and direction in my life is intensified.  It’s part of my relationship with Jesus and a practice I will always work on!

As we are nearing the end of our 21-Day Fast, I encourage you to think back when you first began and believe that even though you may not have seen your breakthrough yet, it is coming!  But more importantly, look how much stronger your relationship with Jesus is now!

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