Revelations in the Garden

Revelations in the Garden by Kim Spahr

Boy, my garden needed weeding but there was so much to do before my daughter’s family of five arrived!  We had so much fun going to the beach, park, and library. There was also water painting with my grandchildren, cooking, reading, and watching them run through the sprinkler. It was like heaven on earth that week.  

While I was busy having fun, the weeds were having fun too. My garden was one big blob of green when Dan and I took a walk through after they had left. It was difficult to see what was actually growing where. It took a lot of time to get the garden looking like a garden again.

Fortunately I don’t mind weeding. Weeding for me means I am away from TV and phone, and in the fresh air and warmth of the sun. I like the quiet and God and I have a chance to talk. I ask a lot of questions and He has lots of answers. He also shows me how gardening and life are alike. Here are a few lessons I have learned.

He told me when we let the weeds grow in our lives, it makes it unclear for others to see the pathway to follow to get to Him. If we say we are Christians and yet we allow our sin to get out of control, how can people see the garden God has planted in us? It’s hard to see the fruit that is growing in a big patch of weeds.

It is God’s word growing in our hearts that keeps the weeds from prospering and overcoming our fruit.  Psalms 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Another thing I noticed was when I weed often, the weeds aren’t so big and cumbersome to try and hoe.  So it is with sin in my life. It’s good to get the sin in my life taken care of right away instead of letting it grow and letting the root of the sin getting established in my heart.

I was weeding my peas one day and noticed a vine creeping up the stalks of my peas. Not only in my peas but in the lettuce and nasturtiums too. If I yanked on the vine it would easily pull out that which it had wrapped itself around. The parable of the weeds in the field of wheat found in Matthew 13:24 came to mind. In short, the servants asked if it was okay to go and pull the weeds up but the master told them to wait so they wouldn’t accidentally pull up the wheat too.  

I did do a little surgery with the vines but it took a lot of patience. It took a little snipping here and there until I could pull the root out and not harm the plant. Don’t you wish sometimes God could just yank the sin out of our lives? I wonder how we would fair if He did? God is a very wise caretaker of our hearts, isn’t He?

You should have seen the garden when I had all the weeds pulled. Dan saw it and said, “Wow!” A couple of my friends were amazed too. It really does look glorious. There are nice pathways to walk on. I can actually see the blossoms of my nasturtiums and calendula. How beautiful! My, what a bit (well, actually a lot) of water and some sunshine can do! Likewise what a bit (well, actually a lot) of time in the presence of Jesus and reading the Word can do!

You see, we will always have weeds in our lives until we see our Savior face to face but we don’t have to be perfect for people to say, “Wow! Your life is so different. I see peace and joy in your life? How does that happen? You don’t get upset when everybody else does? Why?” Then they can see clearly the pathway to Jesus.  

May the pathways of the garden in your heart be clean. May your weeds be few and far in between. May God send His rain and sunshine in abundance. Amen!

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