Take Me Into The Holy of Holies

Take Me Into The Holy of Holies by Dave Meyer

The title comes from the song written and copyrighted by Dave Browning/Chappell Music

Not all of you know that I have been on a weight loss program and my goal is to get down to 220 pounds and stay there! One of the things I am learning is that stress is a major factor in weight gain and keeps you from losing weight. 

Everyone has stress in their life. For some it is the stress of work and the demands of the job. With others the major stress is taking care of the children, keeping them healthy and happy, not an easy job!  Many seniors find the stress of finances to be a major stressor. They get paid once a month and out of that must come everything from apples to zoo visits. Perhaps a better way to say it is from A to Z. The stress of making those decisions and having to do it repeatedly will wear you down and heap pounds on as well.

It is up to each of you to identify the stress that is causing you to be out of balance in your life. Being out of balance causes a lot of different challenges in your life. Not the least of which will be spiritual. When your life is filled with constant stress it is hard to pray, to read the Word of God, hard to meditate on the things of God. Recently Pastor John and I have been talking about the art of being quiet before the Lord. He has mentioned this several times from the pulpit. I have found it very hard to just be quiet before the Lord. I want to sing, worship, pray, tell Him all my challenges, anything but be quiet. 

The Lord has brought me back to Psalm 91:1 (ESV) 1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I believe that Scripture teaches that the shelter (called the Secret Place in the King James Version) of the Most High in the Old Testament is the Holy of Holies.  

If you look at what was in the Holy of Holies, you will find that there is nothing in there other than the Mercy seat, which sits on top of the Ark of the Covenant. They were beautiful, pure gold with outstretched wings of Seraphim guarding the mercy seat. While the beauty and majesty of the place is overwhelming, it is not a place meant to be used for dwelling. In fact, the High priest was only allowed to enter this place once a year and then only with an offering of blood.

So, what was the Psalmist saying to those of us who read The Word today? To those who desire to know God in a more intimate and personal way, the psalmist is saying to sit up on the lap of our God and stay!  I mean no disrespect to Jesus or the mercy seat in saying this, however, it is true. Jesus wants us to crawl up in His lap there on the mercy seat and cuddle with Him and listen to what He has to say to our hearts.  

Is this new to you? Is it too far fetched for you to believe? Are you saying in your mind and heart this is too far out there, it is sacrilege! I ask only one thing of you. Where else would you be able to crawl up on Jesus lap? Is there a different throne room than this or perhaps you think there is a living room where it would be more appropriate? I challenge you to read the Word and find a place in scripture where we can be so intimate with our Savior.

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