Children’s Ministry

RC Kids

Welcome to RC Kids! Here at Restoration Church, we want our kids to have a real relationship with Jesus and know what that means! Through our lessons, stories, small groups, and activities, we are teaching the kids what a Spirit filled life looks like and how they can truly know Jesus.

We use HighPoint! Curriculum where kids get to travel to far off places and learn about what it means to follow Jesus. From compassion in India to gratefulness in Africa to good choices in Ireland, kids experience other cultures   while learning how to cultivate a heart     for God and others.

And at every stop we find a crazy character that hasn’t quite figured things out yet!  Over 5 weeks with each character, we get to see their growth as they get closer to God with kids learning right along with the characters!

RC Kids is for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade. There is a quick registration process when you arrive at our check in tower in the lobby but takes less than 2 minutes! During registration, if there are any special notes that teachers would need to know, you will have to chance to add them to your profile.  Once registered, head down the hall to the Departure Gate where the kids will get ready to take off!!!

During the lesson, kids will have snacks. If you prefer to pack your own, you are welcome, please just place it inside your own bag.  Pick up is after service is over from the Arrivals Gate near the lobby. You will need your number to pick up your child that was printed out when you checked your child in.

We want our kids to know the depth of God’s love and how to interact with Him and His Children.  We would love you to join us and see for yourself!  Children are God’s blessings to us and we want to help them grow in their love for Jesus.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4