Nurmay Missions

Founded in 2008 in Kenya, Africa NURMAY MISSIONS: NURU KWA MAKABILA YOTE (in Swahili) means LIGHT FOR ALL THE TRIBES. We are a multicultural indigenous African missions movement. For this reason, our team is composed of missionaries from various nations. Our objective is to reach the unreached people groups with the salvation offered on Calvary. To this end we train and send out African missionaries to serve beyond the borders of their own countries. Our main target is the African nations under the dominion and influence of Islam.


Our mission is to transform the spiritual and numeric growth of the African church into an indigenous, dynamic, missionary movement, believing in the potential of the national and prioritizing his ability and emancipation. We use means such as speeches, workshops, seminars, congresses, school of missions, church planting, missionary exposure programs and others strictly geared towards preparing the African Christian for the missionary challenge.

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